HMA Flow & Industrial have a unique capability to develop wear resistant valve solutions; in working with our Wear Solutions division we can further tailor our valves to improve wear resistance or offer features that few others can accommodate. We have developed a number of valve solutions over the last 15 years whereby our valves are ceramic, or basalt lined to match adjacent pipework; the photos above illustrate just a few of these solutions that are now being widely use across an ever increasing installation base. Whether you are throttling, or looking to reduce wear on an isolation valve we offer you a range of solutions utilising our material technologies including NiHard, Ceramic, Alumina, Sitech, Basalt, and Aerotech materials.

Deflection cones are available in NiHard, Alumina, Sitech, and Urethane.

Please call one of our offices to speak with one of our valve specialists to discuss our capabilities.