TECO has delivered market-leading electrical motors worldwide for over 60 years, powering the largest machines in ships, mines, quarries, plants, and refineries. Our strength is our diversification, added to our expertise in state-of-the-art products and services across a diverse range of industrial sectors.

In Australia, TECO has been the market leader in industrial motors for over 30 years. This has paved the way for our success from mine sites to commercial businesses in the harshest places, from the Pilbara to Kalgoorlie to Papua New Guinea. Our designs, functionality, and performance are backed by our in-house dedicated service network.

Our heavy industrial expertise nurtures our commitment to quality and reliability in all market-leading motors. Our product range covers low-voltage motors, Invicta vibration motors, high-voltage motors, low-voltage drives and soft starters, motor controls, medium-voltage drives and soft starters. Industries supplied include coal mining, agriculture, wastewater, power generation, pulp and paper, sugar, and oil and gas.