TECO Max-E3-H66 Motor

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FLO-DS-0015 High Efficiency Electric Motor
FLO-FL-0002 Teco Max E3 H66


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The new MAX-E3-H66 range of High Efficiency Mining Specification Motors from HMA Flow & Industrial have been specifically designed, manufactured, and tested by TECO to meet the most arduous conditions encountered in the mining, heavy industry, and other demanding environments. TECO’s proven mechanical and electrical designs, together with the additional features, ensure a long and economical life, year after year. Motors are protected to IP66 enclosure ratings for harsh conditions, and are insulated to Class H (180°C), providing extensive thermal reserve for adverse supply, high ambient conditions or overload situations. The MAX-E3-H66 motor type AEMB from HMA Flow & Industrial meets or exceeds AS1359.5 Minimum Efficiency Performance Standard. Features include metric frame motors to AS1359, AS/BS frame allocation, 0.75 kW to 185 kW, Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (IC411), 380~415 Volts 3 Phase 50 Hz, highest-quality insulation system utilising Class H materials, low temperature rise for substantial thermal reserve, continuous rated duty type S1, low noise level, and cast iron construction with side-mounted terminal box. Mountings available are foot, foot and flange (C and D types), and flange (C and D types). A 185 kW 4-pole only version is also available with an oversized shaft for arduous belt-drive applications.