TECO Monarch Cast Iron Three Phase Motor

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FLO-DS-0116 Monarch Cast Iron Motor


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Monarch GX Three-Phase Induction Motors from HMA Flow & Industrial is a range of high-quality, Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC), Squirrel Cage Induction motors designed, manufactured, and tested to the latest International and Australian Standards. The motors are designed to meet the performance requirements of Design N as per AS1359.41, normal torque for Direct On Line starting.

The Monarch GX Three-Phase Induction Motors from HMA Flow & Industrial are also suitable for other means of starting, depending on load characteristics. Motors can be manufactured to provide special performance characteristics to suit specific applications as required. Motors are designed, manufactured, and tested in accordance with AS1359, IEC60034, and IEC60072, with Quality Assurance to ISO9001. Frame sizes are to AS1359.30 CENELEC HD231 allocations.

Windings are designed with a maximum temperature rise of class B for long motor life and thermal reserve for abnormal conditions. Windings are random-wound, double-enamelled copper wire, impregnated with a solventless resin. All motors are tropicalised as standard. In addition to a full programme of tests during manufacture, each motor is subjected to routine tests to AS1359 prior to despatch. A variety of two-speed motors is available for variable torque applications (centrifugal pump/fan).