Coaxial Helical Inline

The STM Helical Inline Gearboxes AMP from HMA Flow & Industrial provide the quality and efficiency needed for continuous heavy-duty applications. They are built to a high specification derived from detailed research to achieve the optimum applicable load. A large range of transmission ratios from 1.2:1 – 277:1 is available. A geared motor version can be fitted with a standard IEC frame, TEFC, flameproof, or DC motor with input. The cast-iron casing in the larger sizes, and aluminium in the smaller range, means they are highly compact for excellent rigidity in all mounting positions. The gears and shaft are made from case-hardened tempered steel in order to achieve minimum friction. This, coupled with high-quality taper roller/ball bearings, guarantees quiet running and high efficiency. The gearboxes are based on a single-body casting for increased rigidity. This allows for the application of high loads without any risk of deformation that might impact the technical performance negatively.