UNIMEC was established in 1981 by Luigi Maggioni, and has become synonymous for screw jacks, bevel gearboxes, and speed modulation gears. The design and engineering of our products relies on a team of extremely qualified professionals mastering the latest and most advanced technologies such as Solid Forming, FEA, and TRIZ Analysis. We can proudly claim that any newly-designed product contains at least 80% proprietary content manufactured in-house, starting with fully-certified, traceable, and Italy-sourced raw materials.

We firmly believe that owning all of the production technologies used for the manufacturing of each unit from scratch enables us to grasp all of the technical aspects of our products, and allows us to form an in-depth understating of their core characteristics. This also facilitates the design of tailor-made and custom solutions. The entire manufacturing process is carried out with the latest-generation CNC machines and robotic feeders for unmanned production.

UNIMEC is a global group with multiple locations around the world, including branches in the United States, Germany, France and Spain, as well as an additional branch in the northeast of Italy. Our international sales organisation is integrated by a capillary network of competent distributors from Australia to South America, Asia, and Europe. Our global network of distributors and representatives is always on hand to offer on-the-ground assistance and expertise wherever this is required.