Ball Valves

With over 50 years’ combined ball valve knowledge in the areas of engineering, manufacturing, application and design, the Val-Matic EnerG AWWA Rubber Seated Ball Valve from HMA Flow & Industrial has proven and preferred design features and advanced technology that only Val-Matic can provide. The Val-Matic EnerG Ball Valve is designed for tight seating, long life, and energy-savings.

The resilient seat is based on technology with proven field use for over 35 years. Both single- and double-seated valves are available for sealing in one or two directions. When fully open, the resilient seat is completely out of the flow stream. The valve body is built with a main section and an end piece, connected with precision registers and O-ring seals to withstand the rigours of pipeline service. The interior and exterior are coated with fusion-bonded epoxy for long life.

The proven Tri-Loc seat retention system provides positive mechanical retention of the valve seat, while allowing easy adjustment or replacement. The seat is secured by three methods: Clamp force, through-bolting, and opposing registers in the ball and the seat-retaining ring. Clamp force is provided by tightening Nylok cap screws. These same screws provide through-bolting seat retention by passing through the precision moulded holes in the Buna-N seat. Finally, moulded shoulders in the seat are captured by registers and serrations in the ball and the retaining ring, preventing outward movement of the seat.

The ball valve’s clear flow path makes it ideal for wastewater service, with Grit Guard™ seals and a self-flushing cleaning action. The grit seals provide a seal between the shaft and body. These seals protect the body from corrosion and the bearings from premature wear. The ball is designed so there is a significant flushing action between the body and outside of the ball to prevent clogging in wastewater service.