KB Electronics

KB Electronics brand got its start crafting high-quality controls and drives back in 1967. After being established in Brooklyn, New York, the company headquarters moved to Coral Springs, Florida, in 1995. At KB Electronics we pride ourselves on providing customers with a great deal of customization on the motor drive products we create for them. This helps reduce costs by eliminating the need to purchase unnecessary extras.

With over 200 separate models of off-the-shelf variable frequency digital and hybrid AC drives (AC inverters), variable speed DC motor controls, battery DC-to-DC controls, brushless DC drives, and Triac fan controls, we have a product that will provide an excellent fit for your requirements. Our reliable controls and drives are used for applications such as air-moving devices, automated truss machines, conveyors, door and gate openers, elevators and hoists, grinding and polishing, and misting pumps.

The KB Electronics brand was acquired by NIDEC Motor Corporation in 2015. Now part of the world’s largest manufacturer of electric motors, KB Electronics creates controls and drives that help advance technology for everything that spins and moves. We continue to provide our customers with exactly what they require in terms of customisation, quality, and reliable products.