Bevel Helical

STM Right Angle Bevel Helical QL Gearbox Quick Lock
The STM Right Angle Quicklock Bevel Helical Gearbox from HMA Flow & Industrial has been designed especially to meet the requirements of the modern quarry market with its unique features, allowing for ease of maintenance and


STM Right Angle Bevel Helical Gearbox OMP
Select Motors & Transmission (STM) AustraliaSTM spa is a gear reducer and drive system specialist, distributed globally by HMA Flow & Industry. It manufactures a broad range of gearboxes and geared motors. STM focuses

STM Right Angle Bevel Helical Gearbox RXO 700
The STM Right Angle Bevel Helical Gearbox RXO 700 from HMA Flow & Industrial is a complementary range covering the lower end of the market spectrum. It features a sturdy monolithic housing with multiple fixing and

STM Right Angle Bevel Helical Gearbox RXO 800
The STM Right Angle Bevel Helical Gearbox RXO 800 from HMA Flow & Industrial is the result of 35 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of innovative heavy helical power transmission. Case-carburised and ground-

Select Motors & Transmission (STM) Australia is a gear reducer and drive system specialist, distributed globally by HMA Flow & Industrial. It manufactures a broad range of gearboxes and geared motors. STM focuses on technical solutions for light and heavy mechanics, according to specific end user requirements.

Source a Durable Bevel Helical Gearbox From Proven Professionals
The bevel helical gear is an essential component for applications which demand a high degree of torque or power output in scenarios where the direction of force must change. An appropriately constructed gearbox is an essential tool for making drive motors useful in situations where space is at a premium. They are also the ideal tool for achieving gear reductions between equipment. At HMA Group, we have the appropriate capabilities to supply this niche equipment.

What You Should Know About Our Bevel Gearbox Solutions
Some of the important things to understand about our products include the following:

  • The bevel gearbox we provide, crafted by our brand STM spa & GSM, features a monolithic construction for the highest degree of durability. With exterior housings made of cast iron and in some cases aluminium, each unit can withstand harsh environments and heavy-duty in both drive and reduction roles.
  • We achieve a robust reduction ratio to deliver efficiency where you need it most. By using just three highly engineered gear stages, we can amplify your maximum torque output substantially. The increase in efficiency results in better performance and, so the unit scales to different applications with ease.
  • We can provide bevel helical gearboxes in more than a dozen different sizes, with final torque outputs ranging from 460 Newton metres for the smallest unit to over 10,000 Newton meters for the largest gearbox. Combined with changing the direction of force, and these gearboxes have plenty of capabilities that make them ideal for many applications. Our team is happy to discuss these solutions with you in greater depth.

From the start of every production process, quality outcomes are always our goal. These products reflect that dedication to quality control and durability.

What Sets HMA Group Apart Regarding a Bevel Gearbox
Why choose our products to support your need for such a gear solution?

  • Our broad skillset thanks to the many prestigious brands now operating under the HMA Group umbrella. STM spa & GSM equips us with the capability to provide advanced geared solutions such as bevel helicals for applications in many real-world scenarios, but our other brands extend our abilities even further. HMA Group can play a key role in supplying a variety of hardware and supporting equipment based on the goals of your organisation.
  • Our commitment to excellence in customer service. These are advanced products, after all, and it is reasonable to have many questions and concerns. From discussing high volume orders to exploring the need for future maintenance, we can address your enquiries and provide the insights your business needs to make purchasing decisions with the utmost confidence.
  • Our support for our products. At HMA Group, we stand by all the products and services we provide. With decades in the industry, we’ve built our reputation on reliability. We continue to provide accessible and helpful resources for our partners both before and after the sale.

An Australian industry leader, HMA Group is proud to support many industries with stand-out service.

Any scenario which calls for the bevel helical gear is one that often involves a high degree of strain on the components. Shouldn’t you be able to trust that the hardware you purchase will continue working even under the heaviest of loads? Discover more about how we can help today.