WEG is a global company regarded as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of energy-efficient electric motors. Conducting business in over 135 countries, WEG is one of the top global players, with expertise to provide full turnkey systems for a wide variety of industrial applications.

WEG initially started to produce electric motors, but in the 1980s expanded its business activities with the manufacture of electric and electronic components, industrial automation technologies, power and distribution transformers, liquid and powder coatings, and insulating varnishes.

Recently the company has entered the wind power, solar and mobility business sectors, affording it consolidation not only as a manufacturer of electric motors, but also as a supplier of complete industrial systems. It supplies a complete line of electric motors and gearboxes meeting and exceeding efficiency levels. Here the main products are low- and high-voltage induction motors, synchronous motors, DC motors, and gearboxes.

WEG also supplies a complete range of low- and medium-voltage electric and electronic products and systems to enhance productivity. It manufactures automation solutions to meet the demands of various industrial and building segments, such as drives, controls, electrical panels, automation systems, machine safety, and building technologies. It also supplies solutions for substations, power and distribution transformers, dry transformers and power reactors.