WEG Soft Starter Motor Control

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FLO-DS-0140 Soft Starter


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The WEG Soft-Starters from HMA Flow & Industrial are static starters that accelerate, decelerate and protect three-phase induction motors. Developed for industrial or professional applications, the SSW07 WEG Soft-Starters from HMA Flow & Industrial are compact and have a built-in bypass, thus contributing to increased lifespan, space optimisation and less heat dissipation in electrical panels.

The control of the voltage applied to the motor by means of adjustments to the firing angle of thyristors allows the WEG Soft-Starters from HMA Flow & Industrial to start and stop an electric motor smoothly.

The SSW07 WEG Soft-Starter from HMA Flow & Industrial, with DSP (Digital Signal Processor) control, was designed for high performance on motor starts and stops with an excellent cost-to-to-benefit ratio. Easy to set up, it simplifies start-up activities and daily operation.

The SSW07 is compact, thereby optimising space in electric panels. It already incorporates electric motor protection. It adapts to customer needs through its easy-to-install optional accessories. Thus a keypad, a communication interface or a motor PTC input can be added to the product.