Materials Handling

HMA Materials Handling

HMA Road Rail Vehicle with Insulated Elevated Work Platform (EWP)

HMA Reclaim Feeder for Truck Dump

Aggregate Truck Load Out

Boggabri Train Load Out (Timelapse)

HMA Materials Handling Train Loading System

HMA Rail (HMA Materials Handling)

HMA Materials Handling Hi Rail Heavy Vehicle

MAT-CS-0001 Image
HMA Materials Handling designs and builds a unique package for Scania. The rail truck is to be deployed by the rail infrastructure unit within the Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) in South Australia.
MAT-CS-0002 Image
This purpose of this vehicle is primarily as a light weight personnel carrier that can be rapidly deployed on rail and used for rail inspection. With rail in good condition, it can get to the job site very quickly at 60km/hr.