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Worldwide growth in the use of natural gas has increased the need for transporting it – and the most economic method of transporting natural gas is in its liquefied form, which is 600 times denser than its gaseous form. The several proprietary processes used to make LNG involve refrigerating the gas and then expanding it to turn the gas into a cryogenic liquid.
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Start with high-risk processes, add combustible or toxic liquids and gases, and then place these hazards in far-flung locations and inhospitable environments. This is the real-world formula for industries’ most challenging fire and gas safety system applications.
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Power Plants, Steel Mills and other heavy industrial plants and Municipal Water Treatment Plants often have an open water basin which they need to measure for oil concentration. The water can be in a sump or open channel with in the plant or in an open body of water like a River, Lake or the Oceans.