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Protecting Aircraft in Hangars

2021-04-26T11:05:03+10:00June 29th, 2017|

Six Keys to Successful Fire Detection and Mitigation   Mike Hosch of Det-tronics (represented by HMA Instrumentation) recently wrote an article on using flame detectors in aircraft hangers. Please click here to read the full article. For more information on Det-tronics fire and gas detection range please refer to the HMA Instrumentation website by clicking on the links.

Flexsonic Acoustic Gas Detector Video from Det-tronics 2

2017-11-28T23:46:26+11:00August 19th, 2013|

We recently introduced the new FlexSonic ™ Acoustic Gas Detector from Det-Tronics. We have managed to get our hands on a  great video created by Det-Tronics  demonstrating its function and why this FlexSonic ™ Acoustic Gas Detector is a more accurate and reliable option for scoping out gas leaks. For ultimate safety, security and protection

Flexsonic Acoustic Gas Detector by Det-tronics 2

2017-11-28T23:44:32+11:00July 22nd, 2013|

Det-Tronics announce the release of FlexSonic Acoustic Gas Detector The FlexSonic™ Acoustic Detector is designed to identify the unique ultrasonic frequency content of events such as gas leaks. When a pressurised gas leak occurs, the frequency of the sound being generated ranges beyond the audible portion of the spectrum into the ultrasonic region (above