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    Vale New Caledonia (Nouvelle Calédonie) operate a large nickel and cobalt mine, with pre-installed Geotechnical Instrumentation. HMA Geotechnical in conjunction with Campbell Scientific Australia (CSA) were contracted to supply a datalogging system that met the safety monitoring requirements of the end user, to monitor all existing vibrating wire piezometers and provide timely access to calculated data.
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    2 October 2020: The catastrophic failure of a tailings dam in Brazil in January 2019 released a mudflow that advanced through the mine-owners’ offices, staff amenities, houses, farms and roads downstream, with multiple fatalities in its wake.
    FLO-CS-0006 Check Valve - Slam Noise Reduction
    The Memory-Flex™ disc and Disc Accelerator™ are the only moving parts; there is no packing, mechanical hinges, pivot pins or bearings to wear out or rag. Furthermore, the one-piece precision moulded disc is backed by a 25 year warranty for the flex portion of the disc to give operators confidence in the long term performance […]
    The PT PLN (Persero) on behalf of Government of Indonesia is undertaking the Asahan III Hydroelectric Power Plant project in North Sumatra, Indonesia. The project involves the construction of a hydroelectric power plant with a total power generation capacity of 174MW. The project will feature two units of 87MW capacity.
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    Free Water Knock-Outs, Desalters and Dehydrators are just some of the applications in the oil industry where it is necessary to separate water and oil. The density differences between water and oil causes water to drop to the bottom of a separation tank, and oil to rise to the top.
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    HMA Geotechnical has supplied its Wisenmeshnet® wireless infrastructure monitoring system for one of the largest industrial projects in Eastern Indonesia. This is the first time that this system, intended mainly for mining and civil engineering, has been adapted successfully for such an application.
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    A tailings dam at an Australian mine had vibrating wire piezometers which were measuring the pore water pressure of the dam. Readings from the piezometers were being taken manually; however, the regularity of the readings was interrupted by harsh weather, site hazards, staffing and related factors.
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    HMA Power Generation enhances boiler fuel efficiency to improve profitability and decrease pollution at Ombilin power station in Indonesia. The unique Greenbank CoalFlo® damper and pulverised fuel metering system, installed as a complete fuel balancing solution, has provided this regional power station with the means to review, monitor and adjust consistency and balance of fuel into the burners.