Conveyors & Stackers: HMA Materials Handling can provide a full complement of designs and equipment for conveying and stacking systems to suit virtually any application and material type.

Weigh Belt Feeders: Many applications demand reliable in-motion weighing. Here HMA Materials Handling is able to offer the Tecweigh WF series of weigh belt feeders.

Belt Feeders: The performance of feeders from HMA Materials Handling is guaranteed to meet and exceed diverse and exacting client requirements.
Belt Weighers: In terms of weighing solutions for belt conveyors, Tecweigh from HMA Materials Handling combines its unique time- and labour-saving belt scale features with strain gauge technology.

Tubular Conveyors: Mogensen Tubular Conveyors from HMA Materials Handling are manufactured in a range of diameters and lengths to suit customer requirements. They are robustly constructed from good quality mild or stainless steel plate or tube. Inlets and outlets can be flanged to facilitate cleaning. While the maximum length of tubes is 6 m, units can be linked together to convey over greater distances.

Vibratory Feeders: The HMA Materials Handling range of Vibratory Feeders has been developed over the past 40 years using the experience of Carman Industries, Mogensen and the HMA Group. They are driven by electric, hydraulic or pneumatic powered vibrator motors to produce either a linear or rotary action, depending on the application needs.

Hallitrak Belt Tracker: Until now there have been many belt tracking systems on the market that suffer from inherent problems such as failure of the pivot mechanism and the need to be manually adjusted and locked into position. Hallitrak Belt Trackers from HMA Materials Handling is the perfect solution for all of these problems, ensuring maximum productivity and efficiency.