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MAT-DS-0041 WF 10 Belt Feeder
MAT-DS-0042 WF 18 Belt Feeder

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The standard duty WF10 model weigh belt feeder from HMA Materials Handling fits most applications, ranging from 2000 pounds per hour to 200 tons per hour. The mid-size WF14 accommodates up to 500 tons per hour, while the heavy-duty WF16 handles up to 1000 tons per hour. These single idler weigh belt feeders from HMA Materials Handling are designed for an accuracy of ±0.5 %. All are designed in a dual idler version (WF11, WF15 and WF17) with an accuracy of ±0.25 %. HMA Materials Handling also custom-designs feeder for even greater capacities.

Each Tecweigh weigh belt feeder from HMA Materials Handling is custom-designed and built to your requirements, from special inlet and discharge openings to special lengths, special belting materials, special finishes and explosion-proof electrical components. Your application demands reliable in-motion weighing. Tecweigh’s WF series of weigh belt feeders is what you need. These feeders’ performance and value will meet and exceed your requirements.