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MAT-DS-0022 Tubular Conveyors

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Mogensen Tubular Conveyors from HMA Materials Handling are a fully-enclosed method of transporting light loose materials in a dust free, protected and controlled manner. The tubular conveyor is vibrated, creating a linear motion by two out-of-balance motors that drive the material along the tube in a horizontal position or that can be declined for increased velocity.

Mogensen Tubular Conveyors from HMA Materials Handling are manufactured in a wide range of diameters and lengths to suit your requirements, and are robustly constructed from good quality mild or stainless steel plate or tube. Inlets and outlets can be flanged to facilitate cleaning, etc. Maximum length of tubes are 6, but units can be linked together to convey over greater distances and can be either base mounted or suspended.

Screens are powered by dust and weatherproof electric out-of-balance Invicta vibrators, fitted with large roller bearings and totally enclosed, to provide trouble-free drive for intermittent and continuously rated duties. Other feed rates than the maximum may be achieved in fixed steps by adjusting the out-of-balance weights on the vibrator motors, which are provided with a graduated label for setting purposes. For applications that require frequent adjustment of the feed rate, an electronic variable feed control panel can be provided.

A twin motor starter, incorporating dual overload protection to shut down the feeder in the event of one motor malfunctioning, can be supplied at extra cost, also a phase reversal braking starter that will stop the feeder quickly to avoid the problems when machines go through resonance on shutdown, thereby avoiding damage to the machine and support structure.