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MAT-DS-0053 Conveyors Stackers

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HMA Materials Handling can provide a full complement of designs and equipment for conveying and stacking systems to suit virtually any application and material type. The options for each design incorporate the following:


  • Overland conveyers when combined with our other systems
  • Material transfer conveyors
  • Tubular conveyors
  • Vibratory conveyors/feeders

The conveyor designs from HMA Materials Handling enable movement of product from one location to another in the easiest and most efficient way. Due to the various designs available, the most appropriate design can be selected based on the required travel distance, power usage and flow rate required.

Conveyor applications include:

  • Minerals
  • Sand
  • Coal
  • Woodchips
  • Aggregates
  • Food and beverage industry


  • Fixed stacking conveyors with or without telescopic chutes and/or jet slingers
  • Tower mounted luffing (vertical travel) stackers
  • Tower-mounted luffing and slewing (radial travel) stacking conveyors
  • Kingpost type fixed-height radial stacking conveyors
  • Kingpost type luffing and slewing radial stacking conveyors
  • Tyre-mounted units as well as rail wheel on track-mounted units

Many of these stacking systems available from HMA Materials Handling are used to create a storage stockpile of product. This can be accomplished with something as simple as a fixed stack out conveyor, or as complex as a luffing/slewing powered radial stacking conveyor. The optimum stacking conveyor design is determined by many project factors, including storage capacity requirement versus space available, material characteristics such as dust or flow problems and reclaim methods.

Stacking conveyor applications include:

  • Minerals
  • Sand
  • Coal
  • Woodchips
  • Aggregates