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MAT-DS-0025 Vibratory Feeders

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HMA Materials Handling has been supplying Mogensen Vibratory Feeders to the mineral extraction, mining, chemical processing, animal feed, food processing and other industries for nearly 30 years. Handling the many different applications has afforded our designers wide ranging experience in vibratory feeder technology. Resulting from this field experience, HMA Materials Handling has developed two ranges of Mogensen vibratory feeders, up to a maximum of 1750 mm long. They are available with variable rate control or as fixed rate units.

Type TR1 vibratory feeders

  • Straight line action
  • Powered by twin vibrators, rear-mounted
  • Suitable for horizontal or declined installation
  • Maximum length 1750 mm

Type SR1 vibratory feeders

  • Rotary action
  • Powered by a single vibrator
  • Declined at 10°
  • Maximum length 1500 mm

Mogensen type TR1 and SR1 Vibratory Feeders from HMA Materials Handling may be supplied complete with Variable Feed Rate Controllers built by our own control division. They incorporate the very latest IMO frequency inverter technology for applications that require frequent adjustment of the feed rate. For other applications, phase reversal braking starters that enable the unit to stop within seconds may be suitable. The number of stop/starts that may be made per hour is limited depending upon conditions.