Cascade Coil Guardian Coil safety curtain from HMA Materials Handling aids in pinchpoint safety and overall conveyor safety. The metal mesh curtain provides a clear view of the equipment while keeping the operator safe.

Delivering a full range of industrial safety and security products to the North American market for over 30 years, Cascade Industrial Safety and Security delivers the highest degree of experience in the engineering, design, manufacture and installation support of coiled wire fabric systems. We pass along individualised technical installation support to our customers and can assist in the development of your system.

From machine safety guards to blast curtains to security enclosures, Cascade Industrial Safety and Security, distributed by HMA Materials handling, delivers standard stock and custom engineered systems for a variety of industrial and manufacturing applications.

GuardianCoil® systems are available in a range of unique attachments. With customizable hardware, materials, weaves, and finishes, our pre-engineered systems can be modified to meet the requirements of your individual project.