Continuous Barge Unloaders: Heyl & Patterson from HMA Materials Handling offers high-capacity machines that have solved a variety of unloading problems for many customers. Diverse barge cargoes such as coal, iron ore, bauxite, alumina, corn, wheat, soybean, sand, agricultural by-products, wood chips and limestone can be quickly and successfully unloaded. Heyl & Patterson’s Continuous Barge Unloaders (CBU) are some of the most efficient, rugged and durable in the bulk materials handling business.

Grab Bucket Barge Unloaders: Heyl & Patterson also manufactures stationary and traveling grab bucket barge unloaders, available from HMA Materials Handling. The stationary or traveling wire rope barge unloader features a free digging rate of 1 500 tons per hour, with a cycle time of 36 seconds. Grab buckets can be engineered to accommodate almost any application.