Continuous Barge Unloaders

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MAT-DS-0050 Barge Unloaders

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Heyl & Patterson Continuous Barge Unloaders (CBU) from HMA Materials Handling are some of the most efficient, rugged and durable in the bulk materials handling business. Many are still in full operation after 40-plus years. The Heyl & Patterson CBU from HMA Materials Handling is designed to unload materials such as coal, lime, limestone, petroleum coke, metal ores, wood chips and grain from barges at free digging rates of up to 5000 tph. Extremely efficient, this CBU from HMA Materials Handling maintains a much higher average offloading rate than other types of barge unloaders, while horsepower requirements are much less than pneumatic systems. Very easy to operate, the CBU does not degrade fragile products and can be installed quickly due to its modular construction.

Design features include:

  • Bridge or cantilever style
  • Box girder structure
  • Spring-loaded flexible bucket line nose
  • River-level adjustable barge haul systems
  • Variable speed drives for buckets, trolley, boom and barge hauls
  • Lubricated bucket drive chain
  • Stationary operator’s cab on or off machine
  • Cell-mounted breasting system
  • Water spray or dry dust collector system
  • Boom enclosed dust shroud
  • Automated digging position for buckets and boom dependent on river level