Heyl & Patterson from HMA Materials Handling also manufactures stationary and traveling grab bucket barge unloaders. The stationary or traveling wire rope barge unloader features a free digging rate at 1500 tph, with a cycle time of 36 seconds. Grab buckets can be engineered to accommodate almost any application.

Grab barge unloader features include:

  • Capacities to 1500 tph
  • Movable operator cabs
  • Trolley-mounted cabs
  • Integrated dust control systems
  • DC or AC variable speed electrical systems
  • Auxiliary trolley reeving
  • Quick-change buckets
  • Rope storage drums
  • Integrated stack out booms
  • Spill shields
  • Hydraulic buffers
  • Truss or box girder construction
  • Rail clamps for travelling unloaders