Road Rail Conversions

Rail construction and maintenance is a complex and varied activity demanding skilled workers, specific tools and dedicated machines. HMA Materials Handling recognises that there is no one piece of equipment that does everything. We have been supplying new and innovative equipment for over 25 years to provide solutions to the rail construction and maintenance industry.

HMA Materials Handling able to supply standard equipment solutions or purpose-built machines to suit a specific task, set of specifications and functional requirement. Equipment can either be purchased or supplied on a dry hire basis.

HMA Materials Handling can also offer the option of wet hire of equipment if required. We have supplied numerous overhead maintenance machines to a broad range of rail owners, operators and construction and maintenance companies.

The machines can be supplied in a number of configurations, including dedicated rail bound units which have sufficient travel speed to enable the machine to get to and from the work site quickly to maximise the effective closure time.

Rail bound machines can also be supplied light enough to allow the additional flexibility of transporting to site and offloaded by a crane truck if necessary. HMA Materials Handling also supplies a wide range of lifting equipment for attachment to road-rail trucks. The attachments can either be permanently fixed or secured by bolting or twistlocks for easy removal and added flexibility.

The range of attachments from HMA Materials Handling includes elevating work platforms, wire booms, overhead equipment manipulators, ROPS, pantograph, cable drums and cranes. All designs are in accordance with the relevant rail and general standards including AS/NZS 1418.10-2011 in the case of elevating work platforms:

  • Scissor lift EWP
  • Boom lift EWP
  • Telescopic knuckle lift EWP
  • Tunnel equipment manipulator