Hi Rail Mounted Scissor Lift (EWP)

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MAT-DS-0002 Railway Maintenance Construction

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HMA Techniplan designs and supplies a range of Scissor Lift Elevating Work Platforms (EWP) for attachment to Hi-Rail vehicles. The EWPs can either be permanently attached, bolted or attached with twist locks to the tray body of the Hi-Rail vehicle.

Hi-Rail EWPs are supplied complete with electrical control systems with single or multiple control stations. A full range of controls are available from the EWP basket including: Basket Raise and Lower, Extension Platform (In and Out), Platform Slew, Live Side Isolation, Emergency Lower, Emergency Stop, Hi-Rail Truck Travel (Forward and Reverse), Braking, Engine Control (Stopping and Starting)

Hi-Rail Scissor Lift Elevating Work Platform optional features also include:

240V AC Electrical GPOs Hydraulic Intensifier Outlets for crimping tools and pneumatic outlets
Large area EWP with equipment storage provide sufficient space for personnel to carry the necessary tools and have enough room for overhead maintenance and construction work. EWPs are supplied with extending sections to maximise the work area with optional Platform Slew, Platform Longitudinal Extension and Lateral Extension to both sides of the track.

Hydraulic and electrical systems are integrated with the Hi-Rail truck’s PTO, transmission and Engine Management System (EMS). This results in the very accurate and smooth control of the Hi-Rail.