Buckling pin valves are used for industrial overpressure protection in the oil & gas, refining, processing, & pharmaceutical industries.

BS&B Safety Systems has released the first API-526 piping configuration Buckling Pin Valve (BPAV).

Traditional safety relief valves have a restricted flow path defined by an inlet nozzle diameter that is much smaller than the nominal pipe size. Due to the full bore relief design BS&B’s 2“ x 3“ size BPAV can flow over 500% of the capacity of a G orifice API safety relief valve and over 200% of the capacity of the largest size J orifice. The advantage is a smaller valve is needed to match the piping’s maximum flow rate, reducing overall cost and dimensions of a skid.

BS&B’s Buckling Pin uses Euler’s Law of compressed columns, by altering the length, diameter and material of the pin, the valves set pressure can be accurately controlled. When the set pressure is reached, the buckling pin activates and the valve plug lifts to achieve a full bore relief for maximum flow (0.8 coefficient of discharge). By using a balanced plug design the set pressure is independent of back pressure, which makes the BPAV ideally suited to variable back pressure applications.

The BPAV is designed to be non-reclosing, can operate to 90% of the set pressure without simmering and is suitable for gas, liquid and two phase flow. Standard sizes range from 1 x 1.5” through to 8 x 10”. Custom sizes or common inlet and outlet connections are also available. Resetting the valve takes just a few minutes.

The BPAV-R shares the same design as the BPAV but has a replaceable seat making it suitable to high wear or corrosive applications.

BS&B Buckling Pin Valves are ASME “UD” stamped section VII, division I and Pressure Equipment Directive “CE” marked.

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