Air Pollution Control Equipment Manufacturers Association of Australia (APCEMA) of which HMA-POGC is a member, will be holding their next Technical Update Seminar in the Gold Coast on the 4th and 5th September.

The Technical Update Seminar is directed to all staff involved in the design, specification, operation or maintenance of dust and fume control systems and combustible dust hazard protection. Attendees will be in a better position to improve the performance of their existing technologies; anticipate potential operating problems and differentiate between the various alternative methods for controlling dust, fumes and combustible dust explosions.

APCEMA is the only association to represent manufacturers of air pollution control equipment and associated components. It formed in 1987 with the primary purpose of providing a technical expertise resource for Governments and Industry, as well as enhancing the skills of designers, users and specifiers of air pollution control equipment. APCEMA is also backed by the full resources of the Australian Industry Group, Australia’s largest employer association.

The purpose of APCEMA is to support and enhance the skills and knowledge of those within the dust and fume control industry whilst also raising the public perception of the industry in a positive way.

As a member of the APCEMA, HMA-POGC is actively increasing our knowledge base and improving our standards as product suppliers in the air control pollution industry and industrial hazard protection specialising in combustible dust risk management.

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