Forney has been providing state of the art combustion products for over 80 years. Their range includes igniters, flame detectors, Burner Management Systems (BMS), burners and duct burners.  POGC have proudly represented Forney within Australia and New Zealand for 5 years and are pleased to announce the release of the IDD 9000 amplifier.

The IDD 9000 amplifier is a panel mounted flame detector amplifier that provides advanced flame signal analysis and tuning capabilities to meet new challenges of today’s marketplace. The amplifier can be tuned for NFPA compliant systems and offers a single retrofit solution for multiple discrete legacy amplifiers.

This allows you to upgrade your existing IDD-IIIA (Part No. 362379-01) or PM DR6101E (Part No. 388798-01) amplifiers and gain increased functionality with your existing IDD or detector heads.  The IDD 9000 also offers installation and configuration ease, and fully independent dual channel operation supporting both IR and UV.