HMA Flow & Industrial was formed in 2016 a combination of Select Transmission & Motors Australia P/L and Valveco P/L both part of the HMA (Halley &
Mellowes Australasia) Group of Companies.

Select Transmission & Motors Australia was originally founded on one belief, to keep the customers production going and this has not changed with HMA Flow & Industrial. Simple enough to say, but more involved to do.

To achieve this, we firstly needed a base of knowledge in the Power Transmission Industry, from product application knowledge to specific Industry application reference for transmission drives. Secondly, we had to ensure we had the supply lines, be that stocking, distributing or sourcing to be able to find the right product for the client’s needs. And finally, and most importantly, we needed to be able to get the product to the client in the most time efficient way all of this has built a solid reputation for customer service and supply of quality products representing manufacturers of a high standard and reputation in the industry.

Our staff are the back bone and strength of our ongoing commitment to our clients with knowledge and experience in the Power Transmission Industry. This ensures that at HMA Flow & Industrial, we will turn your problem into a solution, by designing original equipment for OEM’s, to direct replacement for newer machinery and for older equipment the ability to be able to retro-fit an often-better solution.

At HMA Flow & Industrial, we not only import and stock a variety of products from different areas of the world but have also formed alliances and partnerships with The Industry leaders for their specific products. With a wide range of Gearboxes, Geared motors, Screw Jacks, Electric motors, Conveyor components and Power Transmission accessories from light to heavy industry HMA Flow & Industrial provides a “One stop shop” convenience for products such as;

  • Electric Motors
  • Gearboxes
  • Couplings
  • Pulleys and Sprockets
  • Conveyor Products including Conveyor Rollers
  • Screw Jacks
  • Spare Parts

We made a conscious decision to be able to keep your equipment going from the start to the end of the Power Transmission Drive Line. We also have the flexibility to be able to source from many suppliers, and not have to force our clients to accept a product just because we only stock a particular brand; Our prompt attention and responses to customer enquiries and needs by our trained staff has won us the confidence and loyalty of our customers.

Backed by the timely delivery and after sales service resulting in Total Customer Satisfaction we at HMA Flow & Industrial are here to work with you and for you.

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