Kurz Sensor

A new coating option is available for select Kurz Flow Meters. We have coated the flow sensors with a harder, tougher and more erosive resistant shielding. Titanium Aluminum Nitride offers all the sensitivity and responsiveness of our traditional sensor with a significant increase in durability and lifespan. Erosive gas flow with high heat, grit and particles in the flow stream will have little effect on our newly bolstered and shielded sensors.

Kurz sensors are already immune to most harsh and dirty environments. In rare cases, sufficient errosive particles are entrained in the flow stream, particularly in older cement and coal facilities, that over time can erode the sheath material on the C-276 sensor.

To augment the protection of the standard C-276 sensor sheath, Kurz has historically offered a chromium nitride (CrN) layer with an 18 nano-hardness rating. Kurz is replacing the CrN sensor material coating with titanium aluminium nitride (TiAIN), which is a superior material with a
28 nano-hardness rating, and it provides a wider temperature-stability range.

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