The project involved installation of two 25m vertical Model 7300 ShapeAccelArray’s (SAA) to monitor settlement on the Tiger Brennan duplication project in Darwin. The SAA’s were connected then connected to a remotely monitored datalogging system allowing the settlement rates to be assessed during construction.

Supervising the digging of the trenches for the horizontal Model 7300 ShapeAccelArray’s (SAA).

Running communications cable (in conduit) to datalogging station

Feeding Model 7300 ShapeAccelArray’s (SAA) and communications cable in 32mm conduit.

Placing Model 7300 ShapeAccelArray’s (SAA) (in conduit 1) with communications cable (in conduit 2) horizontally in trench

Stainless steel datalogging enclosure

Model 7300 ShapeAccelArray (SAA) graphical display showing horizontal deformation (settlement) over time