HMA POGC and Det-Tronics are pleased to announce a product line enhancement to the Q912 Duct Mount Enclosure for GT3000 Toxic Gas Detectors:

The Model Q912 Duct Mount Enclosure provides reliable detection of toxic gases within air-handling ductwork. The device mounts directly to the ductwork, and uses a cross-sectional inlet and outlet sampling tube arrangement that allows large volume air sampling. The Q912 is compatible with the entire Det-Tronics GT3000 family of gas detectors, and is suitable for hazardous industrial and commercial applications.

The enhancements consist of a diffuser insert that improves response time and accuracy, along with a re-structuring of the part numbers in order to facilitate a more user-friendly ordering process.  In the past, customers had one part number (either ¾” or M25) and would have to specify the inlet tube length needed.  Now, there are specific part numbers that include the inlet tube length.

The box mounting dimensions, including duct cutouts, are identical to the previous 000912-005 (3/4”), 000912-006 (M25) part numbers. The diffuser insert is also sold as a spare part that can be added to existing Q912 enclosures currently in the field.

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