Today’s Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Industrial markets are demanding higher levels of safety and subsequently, better protection of their plants and employees. An area which is often overlooked is the implementation of appropriate safety measures to stop flame propagation in low pressure gas and vapour systems. Using flame arresters, emergency tank vents, and pressure/vacuum relief vents with internationally recognised certification ensures the highest level of protection.

Flame arresters manufactured by BS&B Safety Systems under the Flamesaf brand, are designed based upon the technical principal of preventing flame propagation and potential explosions being transmitted though gas pipelines. Additionally, flame arresters are necessary for the protection of flammable liquid storage tanks. The flame arresters element works on the principle of reducing heat from the flame while still allowing the flow of gas and vapours under normal operating conditions.

Traditionally, applications requiring both pressure, a vacuum relief vent and flame arrester would involve the individual components being bolted together resulting in a bulky assembly. BS&B FlameSaf’s unique design of pressure, vacuum relief vent with the integrated flame arrester element are substantially more compact resulting in up to 50% reduction in size and weight. BS&B Safety Systems have been designing and manufacturing overpressure protection safety devices since 1931.

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