Previously many systems have required purged air when installing within hazardous areas. This can make the installation more time consuming and costly.

The new “NexTD” oil in water detector now eliminates the need for purged air by enclosing the electronics in an “Ex d” hazardous area rated enclosure.


HMA POGC are proud to introduce the next generation of our Turner TD series oil in water analysers.
Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments’ NexTD also introduces some other exciting new options for hazardous area oil in water detection.

Engineers at Turner Designs have designed updated electronics allowing for multiple optical configurations for better oil in water detection and better background minimisation.

The NexTD includes the recently developed E09 software for easy calibration, remote diagnostics and data log collection.  The EZ Access Flow Cell is included for inherently low maintenance operations, easy flow cell inspection and quick flow cell cleaning.

Future units will enable a remotely mounted flow cell with a fibre optic connection to the main electronics.
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