POGC have strengthened their range of flame scanners for the Australian market.  Fireye’s Phoenix flame scanners designed for the industrial market now have certification from The Australian Gas Association (AGA).

 Fireye offer a variety of flame scanners which accurately detect the presence or absence of flame in a combustion chamber.  These scanners can be used with all fuel types and burner configurations and typical applications include, Burner & Boiler Manufacturers, Furnace Builders, Oven Manufacturers, Refineries and Chemical Plants, Process Plants, Paper Mills, Power Stations Chemical Plants & Paper Mills.

The Phoenix range of flame scanners are a microprocessor based devise utilising solid state flame detection sensor. The Phoenix flames scanners incorporate an internal flame relay with automatically set On/Off thresholds, thereby eliminating the need for a remote flame amplifier or flame switch device.

 AGA provides accredited certification for products with respect to the gas, electrical and plumbing sectors within Australia.  Theses certifications are accepted by the relevant government/industry regulators.  As of 6th September 2011, product certification has been issued by AGA for the Fireye Phoenix integrated flame scanners.

 Model numbers included in AGA Certificate No. 7807

85IRF1-1QD, 85IRF1CEX, 85IRF1-2QD, 85UVF1-2QD, 85UVF1-1QD, 85UVF1-1, 85UVF1-1QDK3 & 85UVF1-1CEX.

 These models are now listed in the “Directory of AGA Certified Products” at www.aga.asn.au.