Cross-contamination from your storage vessel cannot only produce environmental issues downstream but money is literally being flushed away.  Incorrect timing for water drainage valves has been a costly exercise in many liquid/liquid applications.

Using an Agar Corporation ID-200H Series Probe to provide a 4-20mA signal and alarms, HMA POGC has helped to prevent unnecessary wastage by accurately determining the water cut point and automatically controlling valves.  This avoids any need for manual input or crude timing calculations.

Agar Corporation’s ID-200H Series Interface Detectors are a 2 wire 4-20mA, loop powered probe with HART communication.  The ID-200H Series Interface Detectors can be also used for interface measurement and control in all types of vapour/liquid separation processes including antifoaming, demulsifier chemical feed systems and automate upset responses.  A wide range of models are available for the control of a variety of process installations such as Tanks, Decanters, Dehydrators, Desalters, Coalescers, etc.

Click here to see an animation of the ID-200H Series Interface Detectors at work.

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