1500 Ton Load Cells (VW) | Model 4900X-3000-10.5


GEOKON was retained to custom manufacture sixteen 1500 Ton Load Cells (along with the requisite bearing plates) for use at a construction project requiring long-term monitoring of the high-capacity tie downs that were to be employed. The load cells were vibrating wire type, each containing 8 internal vibrating wire sensors, equally spaced around the body of the load cell.

The Load Cells had an outside diameter of 17.5″” OD (444.5 mm), an inside diameter of 10.5″” ID (266.7 mm) and a height of 9″” (228.6 mm). They were supplied with calibrations (traceable to NIST) which yielded an average sensitivity of 0.05% F.S. (approximately 1300 lbs/590 kg).

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