Thermocouple Transmitter & Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD Transmitter)

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INS-DS-0067 Temperature Pressure Level & Flow

INS-CS-0033 Above Ground Oil Storage Tanks
INS-CS-0034 Groundwater Remediation
INS-CS-0035 Leak Detection by Groundwater Monitoring
INS-CS-0037 Hydro Electric Power Plants
INS-CS-0038 Power Generation Plants
INS-CS-0039 Power Distribution
INS-CS-0040 Hydrocarbon Pipelines

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Temperature Transmitters from HMA Instrumentation are designed for universal use in the process industry. These accept inputs from most common sensor types such as RTDs/resistance, thermocouples/mV, and potentiometers. Features include high accuracy, galvanic isolation, and excellent EMI protection. A built-in HART® protocol means that these Temperature Transmitters from HMA Instrumentation are configurable with a variety of open configuration tools.

Rototherm TR310 Temperature Transmitters

The Rototherm TR310 Temperature Transmitter from HMA Instrumentation is a HART® 5, 6, or 7 compatible universal transmitters. It accepts RTD, thermocouple, potentiometer, or millivolt input signals, converting these to the industry-standard (4 to 20) mA transmission signal. Alternatively, HART® multidrop mode can be selected.
The Rototherm TR310 Temperature Transmitter from HMA Instrumentation is programmed using a simple USB lead and uses free configuration software. Standard features can also be programmed using HART® communication. Sensor referencing via the Windows-based USBSpeedlink software allows for close matching to a known reference sensor, eliminating possible sensor errors. In addition to sensor referencing, user offsets and current output trimming is possible via the USB and HART®commands.