Pneumatic Readout


Pneumatic Readout

The Model 9115 Laval Camera is used to read the Model 1100 piezometers. The readout consists of an automatic flow controller, an internal pressure cylinder and digital pressure indicators.


  • Monitor all pneumatic transducers
  • Bubbler readout for monitoring standpipe piezometers


  • Sealed durable weatherproof case
  • Standard automatic flow controller
  • Simple one switch operation
  • Low operating rate of 35cc/minute ensures the economical use of gas
  • No additional regulator is required to fill the internal cylinder
  • Dual pressure standard


  • Standard range: 2000 kPa
  • Accuracy: ±0.1% full scale (2kPa)
  • Resolution: 0.05% full scale (1kPa)
  • Cylinder: 1.38 litres at maximum of 12400 kPa
  • Overpressure: 3500 kPa maximum
  • Display: 31/2 digit LCD x 12.7mm High
  • Temperature effects: 0.02% Reading/C
  • Standard operating temperature: 0-50C
  • Dimensions: 450mm x 300mm x 185mm
  • Weight: 10 kg

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