Ackcio Mesh Telemetry System


The Ackcio Mesh Telemetry System is an innovative and versatile product suite that transmits data and analytics from monitoring instruments to your fingertips in real time.

Setup: Plug-and-play style setup and user-friendly system
Compatibility: The Ackcio Mesh Telemetry System is compatible and field tested with most geotechnical and structural sensors from all major instrument manufacturers

Ackcio Gateway (BEAM-GW) receives sensor data from Ackcio Nodes and uploads them to Ackcio Cloud or third-party servers.

Vibrating Wire Nodes monitor all types of vibrating wire sensors like piezometers, strain gauges, load cells and crack meters. With up to 8 hops and 50 nodes per Gateway, the Vibrating Wire Nodes come in two formats – single channel and eight channel.

Analogue Nodes monitor all types of sensors that have analogue outputs (like MEMS tilt meters and LDVT sensors).
Analogue Nodes come in two formats based on the number of sensors they can connect with – single sensor and four sensor.

Digital Nodes monitor digital sensors like IPIs that follow RS232, RS485 and SDI-12 protocols.

Relay Nodes extend the wireless range of other Nodes in the Mesh, allowing them to communicate with Ackcio Gateway when deployed in isolated, hard-to-reach locations.
Ackcio Software provides all stakeholders with real-time access to every data point collected from your projects, thereby allowing you to make informed and collective decisions that reduce delays and increase productivity and safety.

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