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Second only to nature, Phantom Mesh from HMA Materials Handling is an almost invisible aviary screen offering maximum protection.

From a distance of 30 feet, Phantom Mesh from HMA Materials Handling virtually disappears. Viewed up close, wire mesh is visually appealing, allowing full views in both directions, creating a sense of being outdoors, rather than in an enclosed area. This openness brings exterior landscaping indoors, expanding the feeling of space. Seamless connections also minimise the viewer’s awareness of an enclosure. The strength and relatively lightweight quality of Phantom Mesh provides several advantages, including reduced support structure costs.

Phantom Mesh from HMA Materials Handling creates a natural environment for wildlife, rather than an enclosed area with controlled air and artificial light. At the same time, Phantom Mesh provides protection from predators.

Cascade Coil Drapery manufactures Phantom Mesh by interlinking round weave wire coils. It is available in four standard weave diameters. The wire gauge is determined by application and weave diameter. Standard wire gauges are 19, 18, 16 and 14. Wires include stainless steel, black oxide stainless steel, aluminised steel and black nylon over galvanised steel.

All Phantom Mesh orders are custom-made. There is no limit to available width because sections can be easily spliced in the field. This also simplifies repair, replacement and additions. Length is only limited by shipping and installation considerations, with 40 feet heights in the available range.