X96S Series Density System

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INS-DS-0142 Ronan X96S Density System

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The Ronan X96S Series Density System from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is designed to deliver outstanding performance in a wide range of difficult applications and process conditions. The system utilises a single computer that is compatible with all Ronan detectors. This is easily expandable to measure the most complex processes accurately. These include caustic, toxic, corrosive, explosive, and carcinogenic materials, which are hazardous irrespective of their solids content, viscosity, and temperature. The modular design of the Ronan X96S Series Density System from HMA INSTRUMENTATION makes it ideal to upgrade older systems, while retaining existing sources.

Each Ronan X96S Series Density System from HMA INSTRUMENTATION consists of a gamma source, detector and microprocessor. The gamma source, mounted external to the pipe, emits energy through the walls and the process in a direction towards the detector mounted on the opposite side to the source. The detector measures the level of energy reaching it, and sends a proportional signal to the microprocessor. The Ronan X96 microprocessor filters and correlates this signal to a density/percent solids measurement. The end user can select from a list of units of measure for the desired reading.