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MAT-DS-0019 Flow Control Isolation Gates

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HMA Materials Handling has developed specialised water capture gate sliding gates that significantly improve the safety of the operation, preventing spillage onto the truck and also local flooding and erosion around the footings of bins. Typically used in the product and reject applications where the material is loaded into trucks, the single leaf design with a fluid retention bund directs the overflow to a launder and drain.

HMA Materials Handling horizontal slide gates are a very versatile piece of equipment. They can be as basic as a small square gate with a single hydraulic cylinder and a manual pump, or as complicated as a high-speed, high-accuracy, totally automatic, totally sealed, quadruple blade with multiple hydraulic cylinders, continuous position feedback, close pocket and infinitely variable blade position.

The HMA Materials Handling design requires little headroom, is very durable and can be easily maintained due to it having less moving parts than a traditional gate. Depending on the flow characteristics of the material being controlled, horizontal slide gates can be used to regulate flow into a process bin, onto a conveyor or into a truck.

The compact design facilitates sealing the system to prevent dust particles from escaping. The precise control with which the blade can be positioned and the potentially high blade speed (up to 750 mm per second) makes the horizontal slide gate suitable for precise batching and loading operations.

HMA Materials Handling horizontal slide gates range in size (rectangular or square) of up to 6.5 m, making them ideal for a large number of applications:

  • Single blade designs can be used to provide a slower gate cycle time where low headroom is required, although speed is not a major concern
  • Double blade gates can be used to provide flow regulation of virtually any product onto high-capacity reclaim conveyors from open storage piles, storage buildings or vertical silos. These can be preceded by stockpile activators to prevent arching and rat holing, such as the HMA Materials Handling Carman Drawdown Hoppers.
  • Quad gates allow for larger openings and additional high-flow control at higher tonnage rates
    This system is sometimes preferred to large mass flow hoppers and mass flow gates. The gates are designed where they can be used for numerous product types including coal, iron ore, aggregates, sand and bauxite.

Numerous loading applications include:

  • Single Blade Rejects Gate for loading coal into trucks
  • Single Blade with water capture for wet material such as coal rejects. Includes water traps, launders and gutters to guide excess water to the desired location
  • Single Blade Isolation gates for iron ore, coal or any other material
  • Double Blade gate for loading reclaim coal onto a conveyor
  • Double Blade gate for loading aggregate
  • Double Blade gate for high-speed, high-accuracy loading of coal trains
  • Quad Blade gate for high-speed, high-accuracy loading of bins