Vibrating Spiral Elevator

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MAT-DS-0024 Vibrating Spiral

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Vibrating Spiral Elevator

HMA supplied Carman Spiral Elevator is the perfect way to accomplish multiple processes while elevating your product. If you need to heat, cool, dry, cure, dewater, or quench while elevating, a Spiral Elevator is ideal for your application.

Unique features and capabilities include:

  •  Elevating with gentle vibratory motion.
  •  Air circulation for convection heating or cooling.
  •  Jacketed flights for contact heating or cooling.
  •  Embossed flights for dewatering.
  •  Quenching with feed tray bath or water sprays.
  •  Extended product retention for curing.
  •  Shrouds for atmosphere control.
  • Long Retention with Minimal Floorspace
  • Space-saving footprint
  • Height capability up to 35 feet
  • Closely pitched trough flighting