Truck Loading Systems for Reject Coal

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Truck Loading Systems for reject coal are used at a large number of mining operations due to their rugged design and simplicity of operation and maintenance. We have developed a number of standard designs, depending on the type of reject material to be handled and the quantity of water present.

Some of our standard designs include:

  • A single leaf gate with water capture features where a fluid retention bund at the end of the gate directs the overflow to a launder and drains,
  • A standard bi-parting gate where water is not an issue
  • Where space is critical and water/safety is an issue, our dual gate system including a bi-parting gate and an isolation gate that covers three functions. It acts as an isolation gate, a water capture launder and a moving fixed chute

The HMA designs significantly improves the safety of the operation, preventing spillage onto the truck and also local flooding and erosion around the footings of the reject bin. This system also includes its own hydraulic power pack to control the opening and closing of the gate.