Truck Loading Systems for Product Coal

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MAT-DS-0066 Truck Loading

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Product coal can all be loaded into trucks using a variety of design and operating systems.

The different modes of operation include manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic. Operator controls can either be through a fixed push button, travelling push button, full wireless control or through a fully automatic truck ID process:

  • The fixed push button option requires the driver to press a fixed push button prior to loading a pre-set quantity of product
  • The travelling push button option requires the driver to press and hold onto a button that travels along with the truck as it is being loaded. If the button is released, the gates will close, acting as a dead-man button safety feature.
  • The full wireless control system is through a SCADA interface on a tablet mounted within the cabin of the truck and incorporate alarms, instant weight/batch feedback, reporting functions, safety interlocks and also a dead-man button safety feature.
  • A fully automatic truck ID system can identify the truck configuration to be loaded, then position the truck in the correct location for loading, and load the required weight and distribution into the trailer without exceeding the pre-set axle loads.

Depending on the mode of operation chosen, the different loading functions can include:

  • Flood (volumetric) loading
  • Real-time single or multiple batch
  • Weighed loading
  • Distributed weight loading (loading to match but not exceed the maximum axle loads of roadgoing trucks)
  • Split product loading (two different products loaded into separate trailers)

Our loading systems are available to suit all vehicles, including standard tip trucks, semi-trailers with any trailer combination and large dump trucks.