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HMA Materials Handling has designed numerous trippers, travelling stackers and ploughs over the years. Each system has exceeded the client’s expectations through innovative design and a co-ordinated approach with the client or end user to guarantee that the machine suits the site requirements, flow rates, cost and functionality.

Trippers from HMA Materials Handling provide 100% belt clearance rates and include discharge chutes to direct material away from the centreline and maximise the available stockpile area, stockpile height measurements and safety cut-offs when stockpile levels get too high. Typical systems are powered through an expensive on-board cable system, whereas our custom-designed self-powered system negates the need to run large, heavy and expensive power cables over large distances to power the machine as it is all self-contained. This, in turn, reduces the cost and weight of the machine, as well as any ongoing cable management or maintenance costs.

Communication with the site control system can be by means of a direct point-to-point wireless system or through a control cable running along with the machine. The advanced nature of the newer wireless system allows much better control without the likelihood of dropouts, downtime or any safety-related concerns.

Ploughs from HMA Materials Handling offer a ~95% belt clearance rate. These are a basic version of the tripper, as they can be fixed or travelling, and are well-suited to cost-critical applications. Ploughs are designed to sit on top of the belt and include replaceable wear liners that are in contact with the belt to capture and redirect as much material as possible off the belt along the centreline of the conveyor, resulting in a smaller stockpile then the tripper. Belt and wear liner condition are critical to the ongoing performance of such a plough system from HMA Materials Handling.