Slag Recycling and Metal Recovery

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Steel is a versatile material that plays a major role in everyday life. At the same time, steel makes up the largest category of metals in the industrial waste streams due to the byproducts produced in its manufacturing process.

Slag is the primary byproduct of steelmaking. As a result of growing environmental awareness, steel slag is now highly regarded as a recycled material that can reduce environmental impact due to its resource-conservation and energy-saving properties.

MEKA is designing and manufacturing customized steel slag processing and metal recovery plants for each project-specific purposes.

Our portfolio; MEKA offers stand-alone machines, process solutions, turnkey plants, separation and sorting technology, and control and automation solutions perfectly tailored to individual requirements.

Metallic Recovery: Allows for the recovery of virtually all residual metallics from the slag;

  • MEKA processing plants have high metallic recovery rates. Our plants utilize state-of-the-art magnetic separation equipment to maximize the recovery of metallics from the raw slag.The processing plants include the latest technology in crushing and screening plant design to cleanly separate the slag and metal into different sized fractions depending on customer specifications and market demand.


Slag recovery: Turning a waste disposal problem into a business opportunity;

  • The slag-co product produced from the metallic recovery process fulfills important functions as construction materials for roads, ports, airports, and also as an environmental material for restoring or improving marine, soil, and other environments,
  • Because of its hydraulic property and the large bearing capacity, steel slag has superior wear resistance, when used in the asphalt layer, also makes roads safer to drive on by offering better skid resistance,
  • Is approved as an agricultural aggregate, and slag processing is generating a sellable product that reduces landfilling needs-improving sustainability and creating additional value.



Our mission

  • Provide our customers with the highest quality products and services through a complete understanding of their needs and a total commitment to their success,
  • Adapt our standard process solutions to individual customer applications to achieve the best results in terms of output quality and recovery rates,


  • We have been developing and optimizing recycling processes and machinery. Today, several plants are in operation around the world and we offer a full technology portfolio on the market: A broad machine portfolio, innovative process solutions, turnkey plants, modern separation and sorting technology, and integrated control solutions.

Your one-stop provider

  • With our numerous experts, we provide support throughout the entire process from consulting, process development, and profitability analysis through to the planning and commissioning of turnkey recycling plants and processes.

Competent engineering and innovative system concepts

  • From the initial concept all the way to the turnkey plant: We accompany you on your journey towards the ideal technology solution. Our engineers take care of the machine design, the plant layout and all the details that turn the individual components into a complete whole. In doing so, we find the most suitable complete or partial solution to meet every requirement of our customers.


  • Plants with the most cost-effective way to remove steel from slag with high processing rate and the low electricity consumption possible for each solution,
  • High metal recovery rate and very high cleanness,
  • Short payback period of the invested capital,
  • Full range of crushing and screening equipment portfolio, we find the optimal size crushing solution for customer-specific input materials,
  • Tailor made cleaning drums and trommel screens enabling high metal purity,
  • High intensity overbelt and drum magnets,
  • Tailor-made control solutions with clear process visualization and an intuitive operating concept.