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Serenity shower dividers from HMA Materials Handling provide a sustainable and elegant solution for today’s shower spaces requiring low maintenance and a luxurious look and feel to match their environment. The rich lustre of the woven coils adds a unique texture to any style of bath space. As the steam heats the coils, a wall of warmth is created to surround you and soothe your soul, blissfully melting away your worries.

Serenity shower dividers allow light to filter through, creating a more open-feeling shower experience. We suggest using a liner for tub showers, but depending on the type of shower you have (walk in, curbless etc.), you may choose not to.

Besides being 100% recyclable, the Serenity shower dividers from HMA Materials Handling are odourless, lightweight and will not fade, rust or mildew. They are easy to install and can be used with most shower curtain hardware. Serenity shower dividers are offered in the standard 72″” x 72″” size to fit most showers. Custom sizes and finishes are available to create your desired look.